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Braces have many uses—correcting crowded or overlapping teeth, for example, or closing gaps. Braces can close gaps by applying pressure on the teeth to move closer together. Patients can choose from metal, plastic or ceramic brackets. These brackets will be glued to the teeth and will hold the wire that places tension on the teeth in place. Note that plastic and ceramic brackets are much less conspicuous in appearance. For an even more natural look, the patient can wear lingual braces, where the brackets are glued to the back of the teeth.

The duration of the orthodontic treatment in Dubai depends on the severity of the condition. Typically, a patient wears braces for up to two years. Once the braces are removed, a removable retainer holds the newly shifted teeth in place for the first few months after treatment.

Damon braces

We all want everything faster. But in orthodontics it always takes time. So we have a system called damon system. This system can straighten your teeth faster, with fewer appointments, and without extractions or expanders depending on the case.

What is the Damon System and is it better than regular braces ?

Damon brackets are a type of bracket known as self-ligating. To “ligate” means to bind or tie. With conventional braces, the wires are held in place by ligatures or o-rings that secure them to the brackets (which are the metal pieces attached to the teeth). With self-ligating braces, part of the bracket itself holds the wire in place without the need for o-rings or steel ties. Some brackets have doors or “slides.” Others have clips.

Damon brackets won’t cause pain as they move your teeth, you won’t need to have an expander or have permanent teeth removed, you won’t need headgear or rubber bands to fix your overbite, and that your treatment will be much shorter than with regular braces.

If your teeth are being moved, they are going to get sore. In order for orthodontic movement to take place, there must be pressure applied by a wire, elastic, or some other source. Pressure creates inflammation in the tissues around the teeth and that’s what makes you sore. If your teeth aren’t getting sore, they aren’t moving.

So why do we use the Damon System ?

First, the look of the bracket. It is small, smooth, and comfortable. Second, that it provides consistent results no matter what. Third, elastic hooks can be added or taken away at any time during treatment which makes it more comfortable and makes it easier  to brush and take care of your teeth. Fourth, we can eliminate a few appointments during your treatment because the wires can continue moving teeth for a few extra weeks between visits.

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